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We❤️ Self~Care Class
"A Fun class to help build a healthy lifestyle"
Self~care: The practice of taking action to preserve or improve ones own health.

Skincare: Understanding Natural Skincare 
-You will learn to identify your skin type
-importance of nutrition for healthy skin 

Essential Oils for the body
-The benefits of certain oils and education on them
-How to incorporate oils in daily life
-Self massage techniques 

Come join us, Food, Fun, grab bags, and giveaways 
September 14. 2019
20114 Pinehurst Dr
Atascocita, TX 77346
Brazilian speed waxing techniques
Absolute beginners or Qualified are Welcome!
Whether you are  a qualified  esthetician or  an absolute beginner (student) with no  qualifications at all this is the class for you! Private training is also available.  For more information about our Brazilian Speed Waxing Techniques training please send us a email. The key to growing a business is great training!

Classes are available on Sundays and Mondays

Work smarter not harder!
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