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Live Love Day Spa - Home of the 'Ouchless  Brazillian' and Vegan Skincare

 Brow and Eyelash Services

Brow Tint/wax                                          $25
Eyelash Tinting                                          $20
Lavish Lash Extension                                $125
Lash refill                                                 $80
                  Glyco-sea Glycolic peel: A deep skin treatment that focuses on resurfacing and renewing the skin with less irritation than standard glycolic peels. Featuring laminaria complex. (For best results 6 treatments once a week is recommended). $40.

Vegan Facials and Peels available all skincare treatments are customize for your skin care needs.


Lip                                                                        $10
Nose                                                                    $10
Chin                                                                     $10
Brow                                                                    $15
Brow Tweeze                                                  $20
Neck                                                                    $15
Side Face                                                         $15
Chest(female)                                                  $25
Chest(male)                                                       $35
Back(half)                                                          $20
Back(full)                                                           $40
Under Arm                                                        $25
Arm(half)                                                            $30
Arm full)                                                             $40
Leg half)                                                             $35
Leg(full)                                                              $60+
Bikini(female only)                                          $35
Bikini Plus(female only)                                 $45
 "Ouchless" Brazilian*                $55
"Ouchless" Brazilian (M)          $50

*for less intense experience (all hard wax) female only.
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