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Live Love Day Spa Raw Soap bundle

Try all 5! For $25

Turmeric Brightening Bar, DeTox Bar, Oat & Honey Orange, Rose infused Bar, Oat & Honey exfoliating Bar, and Lavender and Coconut Milk infused Bar!

Live Love Day Spa’s Plant based Soap, all natural ingredients, herbs, oils, essential oils, clay, Shea butter.

View more of Live Love Day Spa’s plant based product line, on our booking site.

Here are a few home care tips for our plant based body bars!

* Don't let your soap drown in water. Built in soap dishes are notorious for that.

* Feed your soap plenty of fresh air between uses. The drier it gets, the longer it will last.

* Store your soap on a well drained soap dish at all times, unless of course, you like soggy soap.

* Use Dead Sea sponge, loofah, or wash cloth to extend its life rather than rubbing the bar all over yourself.

* Store unused soap in a dark, dry, room temp place like a lingerie drawer or linen closet. Excessive heat, light, and moisture are natural soap's worst enemies.

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